Intro to Technical Diving

Intro to Technical Diving

Course Details

Deep South-divers, a premier diving center in Marsa Alam, offers an exciting opportunity for divers to enter the world of technical diving with our Intro to Tec certification program. Our experienced instructors will provide a comprehensive overview of technical diving equipment and dive planning, diving physics and physiology, decompression theory, and emergency management. With hands-on training and personalized instruction, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to safely and confidently dive beyond the limits of recreational diving. Join us and take the first step towards unlocking the wonders of technical diving with our Intro to Tec certification.

This type of certification is designed to provide divers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to begin exploring the world of technical diving, including:

  1. Overview of technical diving equipment and dive planning
  2. Dive planning and management for decompression diving
  3. Use of technical diving decompression software and dive computers
  4. Overview of diving physics, physiology, and decompression theory
  5. Gas management and switching between multiple gas sources
  6. Dive safety procedures and emergency management

Intro to Tech certifications are typically entry-level certifications and are a prerequisite for more advanced technical diving certifications. They provide a foundation of knowledge and skills that divers can build upon as they progress in their technical diving training.

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What Our Customers Say
Earning my SSI Junior Open Water Diver certification at Deep South Divers in Marsa Alam was an exhilarating experience. Under Moodi's expert guidance, we assembled our gear and embarked on memorable dives, discovering the underwater world. The diverse team added to the adventure. The beach-to-beach dives and the thrilling boat dive showcased the stunning marine life. Despite the extra day for my parents, the overall experience was enriching, and the Deep South Divers team made it unforgettable.
Fantastic experience! The crew is amazing, super professional, deeply passionate about diving and fun to hang out with. They make you feel at home and part of their family. It was an awesome experience. I will definitely go back when in Marsa Alam!!!
What a great place to learn diving! This school has a beautiful house reef and a super patient and understanding dive instructor. The school takes time to build up routines by repetition what helps to feel save. I had a lot of fun while learning and experiencing the world underwater.
Last year I did open water course with Deep South Diving Center( no need to tell that was one of the best choices and place to do my certification.6 months after I’m here again because they provide fantastic diving’s and experience. Highly recommend them if you looking for great underwater experiences in Egypt/Marsa Alam
I did my first ever dive with the team at deep south, and I couldn't have asked for better guides. They were thoroughly conscientious and professional, while never failing to share their infectious enthusiasm for the underwater world. I feel like I've been spoiled starting my diving life in the Red sea, but I look forward to many more exciting adventures
Couldn’t be better our experience with Deep South Divers. It was wonderful how many marine creatures we were able to see in just 2 days. Ramadan was our instructor, really nice guy. Best dive center in Marsa Alam.
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