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Explore Elphinstone Reef’s mysterious depths, a well-known haven for divers seeking thrills and adventure. Tucked down beneath the waters, this amazing reef is a kaleidoscope of fish species, with a colourful coral tapestry and fierce sea predators like barracudas, dolphins, and the famous oceanic whitetip and hammerhead sharks patrolling it.

The World Conservation Union lists these two shark species as vulnerable; however, they provide divers with an exciting and uncommon opportunity to interact with these enormous marine creatures.

Elphinstone Reef: An Underwater Odyssey with Deep South Divers

Travel to the ocean’s core like never before with Moodi and the Deep South Divers. Feel the pulse-pounding thrill of up-close encounters with hammerhead and endangered oceanic whitetip sharks.

The highlights of Elphinstone Reef are these magnificent animals, which entice adventure seekers from all over the world to view their beauty and strength in their natural environment.

Elphinstone Reef: The Ultimate Challenge for Experienced Divers

Deep coral plateaus, enigmatic caverns, and erratic currents make Elphinstone Reef, which is situated in the open sea, an exciting yet difficult journey. In this setting, one needs to be courageous and have superior diving abilities.

This is not simply a dive; swimming among the oceanic whitetip and hammerhead sharks is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity only for the most experienced divers. These sharks, for all their might, do not actively threaten people; instead, they provide a unique and amazing opportunity to interact with these amazing marine predators.

A Symphony of Marine Life

Under Elphinstone Reef’s turquoise waters is a colorful, living work of art. among the vibrant corals, which range in color from rich purples to pinks to brilliant oranges, dance angelfish, parrotfish, and clownfish. Playful dolphins and elegant sea turtles often pay the reef, a hive of activity, a visit.

In addition to demonstrating the tenacity of marine ecosystems, this underwater paradise emphasizes how vitally important continuous conservation efforts are.

Conservation and the Future of Elphinstone Reef

A reminder of both the fragility and beauty of marine life is Elphinstone Reef. It is up to us as divers to back and encourage conservation programs that save these underwater gems for future generations.

The attraction of Elphinstone Reef is found in its unspoiled beauty as well as in the common dedication to protecting this thriving ecology.

Join the Adventure

Ready to explore one of the most amazing underwater worlds on earth by plunging into the middle of the ocean? Come experience the surprises of the deep with Moodi and the Deep South Divers at Elphinstone Reef.

Whether the prospect of seeing magnificent sharks or the need to see a healthy marine ecology appeals to you, Elphinstone Reef guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Elphinstone Reef Elphinstone Reef Elphinstone Reef
Moodi, Trip Host

What is included in the tour

  • Scuba Experience in a natural pond
  • Free photos and videos
  • Pick up and drop from your hotel
  • Water /soft drinks/snacks

What makes this tour special

  • Well-equipped safety gear and instructions are provided to divers for a comfortable experience
  • Photos and videos of your journey under the sea with marine life will be shared with you


Where is Elphinstone Reef located?
Elphinstone Reef is located in the Red Sea, approximately 60 kilometers offshore from Marsa Alam, Egypt.
What makes Elphinstone Reef unique for divers?
Elphinstone Reef is renowned for the opportunity to encounter two vulnerable shark species – the oceanic whitetip and the hammerhead shark – in their natural habitat, making it a bucket-list destination for many experienced divers.
Is diving at Elphinstone Reef suitable for beginners?
No, diving at Elphinstone Reef is not recommended for beginners. It requires advanced diving skills due to the open-sea location, deep coral plateaus and caves, and unpredictable currents. Only highly experienced divers should attempt to dive at this site.
Are the sharks at Elphinstone Reef dangerous to divers?
While the oceanic whitetip and hammerhead sharks may appear intimidating, they do not actively seek out human prey. However, divers must maintain a respectful distance and follow their guide's instructions to ensure a safe encounter.
What other marine life can be seen at Elphinstone Reef?
In addition to the sharks, Elphinstone Reef is home to a vibrant ecosystem with colorful corals, angelfish, parrotfish, clownfish, dolphins, and sea turtles, making it a diverse and captivating diving destination.

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We had an a fantastic time diving with Deep South Divers!!! Our guide Moodi was so accommodating and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience!! The reefs and fish were beautiful, and they took us to some really cool dive sites. We hope to come back some day and will definitely dive with Deep South again - they are the best!!!Kelley & Julia
This diving center is simple but that’s what makes it a little paradise along the beach! Muhammad, Ahmed and Monica will take you diving to amazing places to see anything Marsa Alam can provide, you MUST go to Dolphin house and check the cave dive, mesmerising. They will take you out with a great smile and most importantly following all the safety! Will come back 1000%!!
When we were looking for a scuba diving institutes in southern Egypt for our certification course, we came across Deep south divers. After contacting them on WhatsApp, they provided all the details and we had an initial intro call with Mr. Heikal(Moody). He explained us everything in detail. During our 4 days course, everything was explained very well by all the instructors. Right from assembly of all units, buddy check to rescue operations, everything was explained in detail and taught us very well. 1st day of training I was little nervous about moving underwater, but Deep south divers team made me comfortable, especially Lara. It was lot of fun and learning about various underwater situations. We did various combinations of dives including beach to beach, boat to beach, boat to boat etc. Learning about navigating underwater was super fun. Thank you Deep South Divers team for these wonderful moments to cherish. Thank you Moody for your patience teaching me underwater techniques and making our family certified in Scuba diving ...Special thanks to Ahmad who looked after and did snorkelling with my lil one while we were learning this meditative sport!
excellent diving center with truly professional instructors who listen to us, dives with turtles, moray eels swimming in open water, in a cave and especially snorkelling with dolphins, breathtaking intact coral reefs. we highly recommend this dive center and we will definitely come back
The Best Diving Center ever. I recommend this place to everyone who wants to feel safe while diving and who wants to develop their skills. I recommend it wholeheartedly.
Couldn’t be better our experience with Deep South Divers. It was wonderful how many marine creatures we were able to see in just 2 days. Ramadan was our instructor, really nice guy. Best dive center in Marsa Alam.
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