Nitrox scuba course

Nitrox scuba course

Course Details

Diving enthusiasts who wish to explore the lush underwater world of Marsa Alam can do so by taking up a Nitrox scuba course available at Deep South Divers. Whether an experienced or novice diver, learning how to dive with Nitrox (enriched air) opens new opportunities and increases your level of underwater safety. Below is all there is to know about the Nitrox scuba course available with Deep South Divers.

Why take a Nitrox scuba course?

Enriched air, more commonly known as nitrox, is a mixture with an O2 percentage higher than air and between 22% and 40% oxygen. The benefits are:

  • Extended Bottom Time: Because of the reduced amount of nitrogen in your system, you can remain underwater longer without reaching your no-decompression limits as quickly.
  • Reduced Nitrogen Absorption: Lowered nitrogen levels decrease the risk of decompression sickness, thus making your dives safer.
  • Shorter Surface Intervals: You’ll get shorter surface intervals between dives, allowing for more excellent underwater time.

Nitrox scuba course

Nitrox scuba course Overview

Our Nitrox scuba course at Deep South Divers aims to give you the skills and knowledge for safe diving practices with enriched air. Here’s a little of what you should expect:

Theoretical Training

The lessons begin with the theoretical-based training, which covers:

  • Understanding Nitrox: Learn about the composition and benefits of Nitrox.
  • Gas Laws: Study how different gas laws apply to diving with Nitrox.
  • Nitrox Tables and Computers: Learn to use Nitrox dive tables and how to set your dive computer for Nitrox dives.
  • Oxygen Toxicity: Understand the risks and how to manage oxygen exposure.
  • Analyzing Gas Mixtures: Learn to analyze the oxygen content in your tank before a dive.

Practical Training

After mastering the theory, you’ll move on to practical training, which includes:

  • Analyzing Tanks: Hands-on practice in analyzing the oxygen content of your Nitrox tank.
  • Dive Planning: Planning and executing dives using Nitrox, considering maximum operating depths and no-decompression limits.
  • Equipment Setup: Setting up and handling diving equipment specific to Nitrox.

Nitrox scuba course

Dive Certification

To complete your certification, you can make an actual dive with Nitrox under supervision. This dive allows you to put to use that which you have learned and to gain experience with enriched air, all under the eyes of your instructor.

Why Deep South Divers?

An established reputation in Marsa Alam for safety, personalized training, and intimate local dive site knowledge is what Deep South Divers stands for. Here’s why you should choose us for your Nitrox certification:

  • Experienced Instructors: Our team consists of highly trained and experienced instructors passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring your safety.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We provide high-quality Nitrox tanks and diving equipment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Stunning Dive Sites: Marsa Alam is home to some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the Red Sea, including vibrant coral reefs, abundant marine life, and intriguing wrecks.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible course schedules to accommodate your travel plans and diving experience.

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What to Bring

To make the most of your Nitrox scuba course, we recommend bringing the following:

  • Dive Certification Card: Proof of your current dive certification.
  • Dive Logbook: To log your Nitrox dives and track your progress.
  • Personal Dive Gear: If you have your own mask, fins, and wetsuit, feel free to bring them. Otherwise, we provide rental equipment.

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What Our Customers Say
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND everyone to book with Deep South directly, or at least through a reputable hotel etc. I booked with a person in town who assured me they were an agent of Deep South etc. This turned out not to be true, and the information they provided me was all wrong (prices, where we would be diving etc). It’s hard when they are so pushy, but just say NO and book direct. When I got to the Deep South’s dive office and realised all of the info I got was wrong, I was super upset. Muhammad the owner came and met with me & talked with me about how they could fix it even though it wasn’t Deep South’s fault to begin with. We sorted everything out, and I have to thank Muhammad for his professionalism and service. He really saved the day and went out of his way to help me.
Did a week of diving with Deep South Divers. They really went up and over my expectations. An experienced team, with a good idea of how to fulfill your wishes. Did use my own gear, but from all of the divers who used their rental gear I got back that it was in a very good state. Also they were very careful during rinsing of my own gear. The staff was correct and very friendly. So for me a positive experience and recommend to go diving with them. I will be back for more diving.
We spent two days with Deep South Divers. Everyone we interacted with was extremely knowledgeable and good at their job. They ran things on time and as agreed upon. Communication was quick, and we had no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend, and I would absolutely go back.
Fabulous experience of doing our open water scuba diving course with Moody and his team. Extremely professional in their outlook, Moodys entire team make sure that we had an absolutely memorable time in Egypt. They use absolutely best quality equipments and their training methodology sets them apart. They made sure that each one of us was comfortable with every exercise before we moved on to the next one. They never hurried on through the course and made sure we learnt at a pace, which was comfortable for us.Knowing fully well, that when they certify us its their own reputation also at stake, they did not hesitate to repeat some exercises before we were totally comfortable with it.Today as we look back with our scuba licenses in our hand, we can say with pride that we did this course with a very professional organization led by a very able scuba diver himself. also we know deep within that, we have been assessed thoroughly and are open water certification is a true testimony of the efforts which not only us, but the entire Deep South divers team took to make sure that we achieved what we had set out for.We would unconditionally recommend dips out diverse for any of your diving endeavours in South Egypt. they have a fabulous team and they will take good care of you
We have loved our experience at Deep South divers. We were sleeping at Deep south Eco lodge located about 100m from the dive center (on google you see the Marsa Alam office, but in reality the center is located a bit south of the city in a little paradise).I had chosen to dive with Deep South before arriving in Egypt, and I chose the center because of good review and because of a great communication with the center. Before arriving I had already the prices and the best diving spot booked for us.You should know that Marsa Alam and the surroundings are a diver’s paradise. We’ve discovered that there were hundred of amazing dive spots in the area.Moudi, co-owner and dive master accompanied us through all of our dives. He’s a passionate diver and he’s very dedicated to the center and to his clients. He even organised a private trip to elphinstone, which I really wanted to visit.If you have dollars or euro, you should definetly travel with them in egypt and prepare the money to pay cash. This is pretty much for all Egypt!You should also know that Deep South offers pick up from your hotel if you are not staying at the Eco Lodge located nearby.We will definetly be back!
I would like to highlight this diving company, which I had the honor to meet recently. You can see that this work is done by brothers who themselves do it from the heart. They certainly lack organization, communication and a pro-client approach, which is often lacking in Egypt. They are great professionals and thanks to them my vacation and diving were unforgettable. Thank you guys very much and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon
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